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Client Appreciation Letter

Dear Abbi,

LN and I want to express our deep appreciation for your efforts in acquiring parolefor our son DN. His incarceration was an arduous situation. However, having your expert assistance to navigate the process and negotiate on DN’s behalf certainly gave some balance in the area far beyond our capacity.

Thank you for the advice, direction and leading us through this journey. We are grateful to have his release from prison, knowing what is ahead remains difficult. But with your facilitation we are on a pathway toward renewal.

With a sincere thankfulness,


Notable cases

Over the years, the firm has had many victories, large and small. Here are some examples which made the news, and some that should have.

State v. Edukuye
homicide charges dropped

In State v. Edukuye, Ms. Taylor was able to convince the medical examiner to change the manner of death from homicide to natural causes and the murder charge and all other charges against Ms. Edukuye were dropped. Defense attorneys turned over records they’d dug up which the medical examiner had not seen.

Rollins v. State
Plea vacated, charges dismissed

In Rollins v. State, a woman whose case was dismissed under the First Offenders Act found out that immigration considers her pleas as a conviction and subjected her to deportation proceedings. We were able to vacate her plea and the District Attorney dismissed the charges, paving the way for her to become a citizen.

State v. B.I.
Rape, molestation charges dismissed

The client was charged with over 30 counts including rape, aggravated child molestation and child pornography. Through our investigation we were able to prove that the allegations were created by the mother of the children (they were in the middle of a bitter divorce) and the therapist. After 2 ½ years of fighting the case, the judge agreed with us and dismissed the charges in the middle of the trial.

State v. G.O.
Conviction relief for deportable offenses

Originally, another lawyer had tried to challenge our client's conviction and the judge had denied his motion. The client convinced us to try for him, understanding that we felt we had little chance of success. He had two domestic violence convictions, either of which were deportable offenses. We were able to convince the solicitor and the judge to reconsider and obtained the relief the client needed.

Dept. of driver services
license clearing for numerous individuals

Many people are receiving letters that their driver’s licenses are being canceled due to having had a license in a another name years ago. We have been able to persuade the investigators to not take out criminal charges (felony or misdemeanor) and to clear the licenses.

State v. L.M.
immigration proceedings dropped

Prior to retaining our law firm, our client was taken into ICE custody a week after meeting with us. His family was out of state, but we were able to get him relief in record time since he was already ordered deported. He was released the day after we got the order signed and all immigration proceedings were dropped.

State v. A.H and J.H.
dui charges reduced

Both brothers were arrested for DUI. The first brother was stopped at a roadblock and was arrested. He called his brother to come and get his car. His brother had been drinking prior to going to sleep. He was arrested when he arrived to get the car. We were able to get the charges reduced to Reckless Driving for both, saving their driver’s licenses and all of the consequences of having a DUI conviction on their record for the rest of their lives.

State v. S.A.
vacated teenage conviction for graffiti

Our client was in ICE custody due to an old conviction for graffiti on a retaining wall when he was a teenager. When we investigated the case, we found that he had pled guilty when he was only 16 and the Court did not have jurisdiction over his case. We were able to convince the District Attorney and the Judge to vacate the conviction and dismiss the charges. He was released in time for the birth of his little girl.

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