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If you are facing a parole decision or current criminal charges, you are in the right place. The Law Firm of Abbi S. Taylor fights for individuals and families in the post-conviction process as well as in the courtroom. We give everything we have to fight for our clients' freedom. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you return home.

What does a parole attorney do?

i will Help you through the parole process

In Georgia, every individual serving a felony sentence in prison is considered for parole by the time he or she  completes one third of his or her  sentence (Parole Eligibility Date (“PED”)  is equal to one-third of the prison sentence). A decision then is made concerning his or her release date. (Tentative Parole Month or “TPM”). The case will be considered even if it is still on appeal.

The file maintained by the Parole Board, regarding any given individual, contains material obtained from law enforcement, prosecutorial agencies, court officials, Georgia Department of Corrections officials, and victims. This material is not  necessarily favorable or current and it is unlikely that an individual would want it to be the only information reviewed by the Parole Board when deciding his or her TPM. Unfortunately, an individual does not have an opportunity to speak to the Parole Board before it makes its decision.

I can ensure that, despite not having an opportunity to speak, with our assistance your voice will be heard and that favorable information is shared with the Parole Board.

"Ms. Taylor was very honest and straightforward about the parole process and the steps involved before and after my hearing. I stand before you today a free man because of Ms. Taylor’s efforts."

Do you need a parole attorney?

A parole attorney will fight for your loved one's freedom

You do not have to be represented by an attorney to be considered for any type of clemency in Georgia. However, having Abbi, an experienced parole attorney, by your side can help your case tremendously.

For example, our law firm can help ensure that your file contains accurate and positive information, challenge inaccurate material, and request reconsideration of previous decisions

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